DCTM:xCP Chrome extension xCelerator

As part of our deliverables, our team has implemented several large-scale Opentext xCP projects taking advantage of the opentext xCP robust framework.  As with all other products, our team needed to go into the details of the framework in order to understand how things work and make things extendable. We spent hundreds of hours in exploring the […]

DCTM:CS Improve performance for normal users

On the Documentum Server (CS) host, create an environment variable DM_LEFT_OUTER_JOIN_FOR_ACL and set the value to T. Perform the following steps: Open the system enviroment variables panel on the CS host (this may vary according to the operating system). Create a new system variable named DM_LEFT_OUTER_JOIN_FOR_ACL Set its value to T Restart the machine for […]

DCTM:D2 IE Issues

Troubleshooting D2 config with IE issues Option #1 In the registry,  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main Click on Main tab then on the list that is displayed Click on TabProcGrowth then changed the Value Data field from “Medium” to numerical value 1.

Captiva: Change Server ID

In order to change the Server ID on the IA Server the following can be done:  * Remove the LIC entries for the Server from the Licensing / Security > License Codes screen. * Remove the Server entry from the Systems > View Servers screen * Stop the IA Server * Remove the following files/folders […]

Captiva: Standard Import Service pre-requisite

Add the profile name to each Standard Import module instance by restarting each module instance with the appropriate command-line parameters as follows: Email Import -EmailProfileNames:profileName[,profileName2,profileName3,…] File System -FileProfileNames:profileName[,profileName2,profileName3,…] A profile name configuration file.  Using a profile name configuration file is a convenient way to add multiple Email and File System profile names to each Standard […]

DCTM:xCP – disable CSRF

Being able to enable/disable CSRF protection is a new feature of xCP 2.3 and it can be done bysetting the csrf-protection-enabled parameter for the xCP REST server to true or false. The csrf-protection-enabled parameter can be found in thexCPDesigner\Applications\xIS\xIS\src\main\resources\config\server-configuration.propertiesfile