DCTM:xCP Preview mode as privileged client

In the xCP designer in design-time environment fill the global registry tab. It will make the generated dfc.properties contain “dfc.globalregistry” entries and the client will register itself.  xCP creates the temporary dfc.properties in the user’s %TEMP% folder. The dfc.keystore is created by webby in the same folder.


To resolve the issue [DM_QUERY2_E_TOO_MANY_TYPES_IN_JOIN]error: “Your query has too many types in the FROM clause.”; ERRORCODE: 100; NEXT: nullat com.documentum.fc.client.impl.docbase.DocbaseExceptionMapper.newException(DocbaseExceptionMapper.java:57) Create Environment Variable DM_FROM_TYPES_MAX. and set the value to 50 or above. Default value is 20

DCTM:xCP Verify Events published or not

Ext.define(“eventBusOverride”, {    override: ‘xcp.event.EventBus’,    publish: function () {        console.log(‘Publisher called..!’ + arguments[0]);        console.log(arguments);        this.callParent(arguments);    },    subscribe: function () {        console.log(‘Subscriber called..!’ + arguments[0]);        console.log(arguments);        this.callParent(arguments);    }});

DCTM:xCP Chrome extension xCelerator

As part of our deliverables, our team has implemented several large-scale Opentext xCP projects taking advantage of the opentext xCP robust framework.  As with all other products, our team needed to go into the details of the framework in order to understand how things work and make things extendable. We spent hundreds of hours in exploring the […]